Who's Involved

Confidence Is, is only made possible by the support of many artists. Without the help of these amazing Makeup Artists, Hair Stylists, businesses, and creators this project would just be an idea. By supporting a concept you are also supporting BIPOC female owned business who have donated their time and talent to bring these ideas to life.

M.Martinez Photo

When I created Confidence is Sexy, in 2016 it was a way to counter the kind of imagery found in American media. The project was made possible by the volunteers. Professional makeup artists & hair stylists, donated their time & talent because they shared my passion. Shortly after the project was completed the original files were corrupted and the final series was unable to be shared. Confidence Is, expands on the original idea by encouraging each participant to explore what confidence means to them.

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Makeup Artist

To me this is more than just an idea it's a place where EVRYONE can be at peace. I want to help complete these amazing looks, and learn more about those I'm putting makeup on.

Support & follow the concepts I'm collaborating on:

*The Hero Within

*Rise Again

*Good Clean Dirt

*Like A Girl


Makeup Artist

I've been a Makeup Artist for 10+ years and am finally taking the leap to do it full time and be self-employed. Fully throwing all of my energy in pursuing this dream of mine means constantly working on my craft & creating content I'm proud of. I want to be involved in this project because it is specific to the BIPOC community and living here in Portland has made it very difficult to create content which includes people in our community. If there is a way I can contribute to putting BIPOC faces in the forefront of the Beauty Industry, I am here for it.

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*Not As It Seems

*Earth Deity

Amplify La Beaut'e

Makeup Artist

My name is Sierra Chapellé, I'm a Professional Makeup Artist, Licensed Esthetician, & Skin Specialist located in Portland, OR. I have always been creative and had a love for art, and with no surprise I dived into makeup at an early age. After college in 2018, I began pursuing makeup professionally. The reason I decided to even pursue this industry was because of my deep passion for internal & external beauty and the artistic/creative component that comes with the makeup & fashion industry. 

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*Behind The Mask

*Fat Fashion



Makeup Artist, Hair stylists, Fashion Consultant

I'm a woman who's passionate about helping women love the skin they're in through makeup, fashion, and Empowerment. I want to see people love who they are despite what society says the standard is.

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*Hero Within

*La Señora Hermosa




Makeup Artist, Hair stylists, Fashion Consultant

I've been extremely privileged growing up and I recognize it's not a universal experience. One of my goals in pursuing cosmetology is to work with people of all walks of life to help them to feel beautiful and confident to reach further than the limitations put upon them.

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*Power To Create



*Antifascist Everyday