Get Involved

Thank you for your support! By contributing to a concept you're amplifying the message that person is sharing while supporting the BIPOC, Female owned businesses who are working to bring that idea to life. Each concept has different needs and your support is greatly appreciated. The starting goal for each concept is $500 to pay for production costs & materials involved.

Please include the NAME of the Person or Concept you would like to support. Contributions received without a name will be distributed among all the concepts being developed.


How will the money be distributed?

The money is shared between the model, stylists, behind the scenes collaborators, along with location & miscellaneous expenses.

These concepts are personal and the person photographed put a lot of work into the message they want to share. Some require special items, locations, or needs to be part of this. This money helps make it possible for them to share their story. The stylists bringing these ideas to life are professionals and are in this because the message matters, this money pays for some of their materials.

What happens when the goal is exceeded?

$500 helps pay for the costs of the materials involved in basic production. Things like makeup, location fees, gas and more. Once we exceed this goal we can pay the artists involved their actual rate and put money towards an exhibition & creating a magazine publication to share these ideas.

What do I get if I support a concept?

You'll be updated on the development of that concept, get first look access, and will be recognized on the website and in the magazine as a project contributor.

**Concepts who exceed their goals will have extra perks for contributors.

Am I able to donate to more than one concept?

YES! Please include the names of the concepts you want to support & your contribution will be split between them.

Can I contribute another way?

There are lots of ways to support a concept. Each one has different needs from special items, styling, & locations. Having amenities like snacks, beverages, childcare are all helpful in keeping everyone at their best. Contact us if you'd like to sponsor a concept or help in another way.

Do you have more questions?