Confidence Is, Good Clean Dirt


I started out as a country kid. Then I spent about 40 years getting thoroughly citified, and in the process lost so much of myself, my wildness, trying to conform to capitalism's "perfect little worker" ideal, hoping to someday have something to show for it. Guess how that worked out?

Recently a couple of friends of mine offered me the remarkable opportunity to put my sweat equity into their homestead, now MY homestead too, and so in February I packed my belongings and transplanted myself into the (still unfinished) Stabbin Cabin. In getting back to the Good Clean Dirt, and having the freedom to do the work I want, when I want, and to really do anything I want to shape and steward the land I have found a confidence in myself, and even more importantly the future, that I have never known.

I joke about being the Garden Hermit, and their resident Feral Farm Goblin, so I've decided to roll with that imagery for this. I do love any little excuse to take off my human suit!

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